Institutional repository of the University of Lleida

The institutional repository captures, manages, disseminates and preserves publications arising from the academic and research activity of the UdL in digital and open-access formats. It includes publications and other materials of the university community.

The objectives of this repository are:

  • To disseminate documents published by the University of Lleida and members of the university community, and to increase and enhance their visibility.
  • To favour the impact of its publications: more quotation from authors and publications.
  • To concentrate on a single server and search interface all materials and digital documents published by the University of Lleida.
  • To encourage the creation and use of the university’s own scientific production.
  • To guarantee the future accessibility and preservation of digital documents generated by the institution itself.
  • To complement the UdL’s Research Management Portal (GREC).

The institutional repository is coordinated by the Library Service (LS) - Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and is a transversal project involving different services of the University of Lleida.

The software used is DSpace, an open-source program widely used at international level, developed by the Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) and Hewlett Packard (HP). One of its main advantages is that it adheres to the interoperability protocol of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), which allows it to increase the visibility of documents by sharing them with other international repositories.

The repository is part of the initiative to give free access to scientific information, or Open Access. Open Access (OA) aims to make most research works in most disciplines freely accessible on the Internet. Disseminating scientific production in open access is not only one of the best ways of showing how resources invested in research can be exploited, but also represents a return to society of the funding granted to universities and research centres.

The institutional repository is organised into the following communities:

  • Teaching, with the collections Materials docents, which includes teaching documents prepared by the teaching staff of the UdL, and Documents sobre docència, which contains other documents related to teaching drawn up by administrative and academic units of the UdL.
  • Institutional documentation, including the institutional and/or administrative documentation of the governing body of UdL centres, departments and services whose dissemination is appropriate.
  • Special collections, comprising manuscripts, correspondence and documentation, which gather together works from the Lleida area, among others.
  • Research, with publications in open access arising from the research activity of the teaching and research staff of the UdL.
  • Student's work, containing end-of-course degree, masters and postgraduate projects.
  • Audiovisual library, with audiovisual documents created by members of the university community of the University of Lleida.

Most documents in the repository are subject to a Creative Commons licence. This licence allows the reproduction, distribution and public communication of material provided that the University of Lleida and the work’s authors are recognised. The possibility of commercial use or generating derivative works, and the conditions for doing so, are determined by the licence to which each material is subject.

For all uses not conceded through the licence, the express consent of the authors and the University must be obtained.

Licences used in the Institutional Repository:

Making works available under a Creative Commons licence does not mean that these works lose their author's copyright. On the contrary, this is a way to exercise these rights while offering some rights to third parties in certain conditions.

The University of Lleida also takes is part of other cooperative institutional repositories, coordinated by the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia and the Supercomputing Centre of Catalonia Consortium (CESCA), which are sponsored by the Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Government of Catalonia:

RECERCAT (Research Repository of Catalonia)
A cooperative repository of digital documents that includes research literature from universities and research centres in Catalonia.
TDX (Theses and Dissertations Online)
A cooperative repository that contains doctoral theses presented at the universities of Catalonia and other Spanish universities in full text format.
RACÓ (Catalan Journals in Open Access)
A repository which allows consultation, in open access and full text form, of articles from Catalan scientific, cultural and academic journals.
MDX (Learning Materials Online)
A cooperative repository that contains the materials and resources arising from the teaching activity of member universities.