Technological options and strategies towards zero energy buildings contributing to climate change mitigation: A systematic review

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Cabeza, Luisa F.Cabeza, Luisa F. - ORCID ID
Chàfer, MartaChàfer, Marta - ORCID ID
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A systematic review of the technological options and strategies to achieve zero energy buildings was carried out to establish today state-of-the-art knowledge base and to present key design and performance factors that define those technologies with the final aim of contributing to climate change mitigation options of buildings. All relevant literature published from January 2013 to August 2019 was critically as- sessed. A total of 14,895 papers were identified and 220 reviews were evaluated as first literature source; this literature showed that the published information is diverse and not organized, therefore climates and building typologies is not possible solely through published information. Collected evidence shows that with appropriate design, buildings can contribute to climate change mitigation decreasing the embodied energy in the materials used in their construction and decreasing the energy demand and use during their operation phase.
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Energy and Buildings, 2020, vol. 219, p. 110009 (46 pp)