Grup de Recerca en Criptografia i Grafs (INSPIRES)

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The Cryptography & Graphs Research Group (C&G) in Universitat de Lleida constitutes a well-established research team with a track record of more than 10 years of scientific activities. The team members in the C&G group are part of the Department of Mathematics and the Polytechnic Institute of Research and Innovation in Sustainability (InsPIReS). Most members of the C&G group teach in the degree and the master of Computer Science at the Escola Politècnica Superior (EPS). The research interests of the members in the C&G group lie between theory and applications, mainly in the following two areas: Cryptography and Graph Theory. In the area of Cryptography, our research focuses on computational aspects of algebraic curve cryptography and design of secure cryptographic protocols for RFID technology, smart cards and e-voting systems. In the area of Graph Theory, our research concerns open problems on dense and eccentric digraphs, extremal problems and privacy-preserving social network data analysis. [Més informació]