Experimental verification of the metal flux enhancement in a mixture of two metal complexes: the Cd/NTA/glycine and Cd/NTA/citric acid systems

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Pinheiro, Jose Paulo
Salvador, JoséSalvador, José - ORCID ID
Companys Ferran, EncarnacióCompanys Ferran, Encarnació - ORCID ID
Galceran i Nogués, JosepGalceran i Nogués, Josep - ORCID ID
Puy Llorens, JaumePuy Llorens, Jaume - ORCID ID
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Rigorous computation of the metal flux crossing a limiting surface of a system that contains a mixture of 1 : 1 metal complexes under steady-state planar diffusion in a finite domain and under excess of ligand conditions predicts, for some cases, an enhancement of the metal flux with respect to that expected in a system with independent complexes. Indeed, the coupling of the dissociation kinetics of both complexes can yield higher metal fluxes than expected with important environmental implications. By using the voltammetric techniques AGNES and stripping chronopotentiometry, this paper provides experimental evidence of this enhancement for two systems: Cd/NTA/glycine and Cd/NTA/citric acid. The flux measured in both cases is in good agreement with the flux computed for the global system, exhibiting maximum enhancement ratios above 20%. Theoretical discussion of the flux enhancement factors and of the conditions for this enhancement are also provided.
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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2010, vol. 12, num. 5, p. 1131-1138