International Society of Gynecological Pathologists (ISGyP) Endometrial Cancer Project: Guidelines From the Special Techniques and Ancillary Studies Group

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Cho, Kathleen R.
Cooper, Kumarasen
Croce, Sabrina
Djordevic, Bojana
Herrington, Simon
Howitt, Brooke
Ip, Philip
Koebel, Martin
Lax, Sigurd
Quade, Bradley
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cc-by (c) Kathleen R. Cho et al., 2019
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The aim of this article is to propose guidelines and recommendations in problematic areas in pathologic reporting of endometrial carcinoma (EC) regarding special techniques and ancillary studies. An organizing committee designed a comprehensive survey with different questions related to pathologic features, diagnosis, and prognosis of EC that was sent to all members of the International Society of Gynecological Pathologists. The special techniques/ancillary studies group received 4 different questions to be addressed. Five members of the group reviewed the literature and came up with recommendations and an accompanying text which were discussed and agreed upon by all members of the group. Twelve different recommendations are made. They address the value of immunohistochemistry, ploidy, and molecular analysis for assessing prognosis in EC, the value of steroid hormone receptor analysis to predict response to hormone therapy, and parameters regarding applying immunohistochemistry and molecular tests for assessing mismatch deficiency in EC.
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International Journal of Gynecological Pathology, 2019, vol. 38, p. S114–S122