Deciduous tree reconstruction algorithm based on cylinder fitting from mobile terrestrial laser scanned point clouds

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Méndez, Valeriano
Rosell Polo, Joan RamonRosell Polo, Joan Ramon - ORCID ID
Sanz Cortiella, RicardoSanz Cortiella, Ricardo - ORCID ID
Escolà i Agustí, AlexandreEscolà i Agustí, Alexandre - ORCID ID
Catalán, Heliodoro
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Vector reconstruction of objects from an unstructured point cloud obtained with a LiDAR-based system (light detection and ranging) is one of the most promising methods to build three dimensional models of orchards. The cylinder fitting method for woody structure reconstruction of leafless trees from point clouds obtained with a mobile terrestrial laser scanner (MTLS) has been analysed. The advantage of this method is that it performs reconstruction in a single step. The most time consuming part of the algorithm is generation of the cylinder direction, which must be recalculated at the inclusion of each point in the cylinder. The tree skeleton is obtained at the same time as the cluster of cylinders is formed. The method does not guarantee a unique convergence and the reconstruction parameter values must be carefully chosen. A balanced processing of clusters has also been defined which has proven to be very efficient in terms of processing time by following the hierarchy of branches, predecessors and successors. The algorithm was applied to simulated MTLS of virtual orchard models and to MTLS data of real orchards. The constraints applied in the method have been reviewed to ensure better convergence and simpler use of parameters. The results obtained show a correct reconstruction of the woody structure of the trees and the algorithm runs in linear logarithmic time.
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Biosystems Engineering, 2014, vol. 124, p. 78–88