Tilt optimization of a building integrated solar concentrating unit

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Chemisana Villegas, DanielChemisana Villegas, Daniel - ORCID ID
Tripanagnostopoulos, Y.
Lamnatou, ChrysovalantouLamnatou, Chrysovalantou - ORCID ID
Souliotis, M.
Rosell Urrutia, Joan IgnasiRosell Urrutia, Joan Ignasi - ORCID ID
Barrau, JérômeBarrau, Jérôme - ORCID ID
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The concept of a static linear Fresnel concentrator with a tracking absorber has been simulated and well understood in the past. This paper bridges the gap between theoretical optical performances and operation in outdoor conditions. The effort focuses on the characterization of weather and tilt angle effects on the solar concentrator annual performance. Useful mathematical expressions are derived to show the dependence of the annual concentrated energy on latitude, global radiation, mean clearness index and tilt angle. An equation for the optimization of the annual yield is also proposed. The results are applied to a PVT generator and the annual production of thermal and electrical output energy is evaluated for an installation in Barcelona (Spain). A performance improvement above 5% is reached when the optimized tilt angle is used.
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AIP Conference Proceedings, 2012, vol. 1477, p. 217-220