Behaviour of green facades in Mediterranean Continental climate

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Pérez Luque, GabrielPérez Luque, Gabriel - ORCID ID
Rincón, LídiaRincón, Lídia - ORCID ID
González, J. M.
Cabeza, Luisa F.Cabeza, Luisa F. - ORCID ID
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In order to obtain data on the behaviour of green facades in buildings as a passive system for energy savings in dry Mediterranean Continental climate a long-term work has been performed. This paper presents the first results of two actions developed during 2009. First, the growth of four different climbing plants as well as their ability to provide shadow was studied. Second, monitoring for a year of a real green facade was carried out. The results confirmed the great capacity of green facades to produce shade, reducing the heat on the facade wall of the building. It was also verified that a microclimate between the wall of the building and the green curtain are created, characterized by slightly lower temperatures and higher relative humidity. This means that the green screen acts as a wind barrier and confirms the evapotranspiration effect of the plants. On the other hand, these results did not allow withdrawing conclusions about the insulation effect of green facades.
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Energy Conversion and Management, 2011, vol. 52, núm. 4, p. 1861-1867