Pre-service teachers’ perceptions of social media data privacy policies

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Marín, Victoria I.Marín, Victoria I. - ORCID ID
Carpenter, Jeffrey
Tur, Gemma
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cc-by-nc (c) Victoria I. Marín, Jeffrey P. Carpenter, Gemma Tur, 2021
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Matters of data privacy related to social media are increasingly relevant for educators as happenings such as the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal have attracted public attention. Many educators use social media for professional purposes, including with their students and should, therefore, be knowledgeable regarding data privacy issues that impact education. This research explores this issue from an interpretive paradigm based on a mixed-methods approach derived from survey data from an international sample of 148 pre-service teachers who were studying education courses at three universities. Data suggest that pre-service teachers see both educational and distracting potential in social media, but lack knowledge regarding relevant policies and regulations, which reflects trends in the broader population. Attitudes toward educational social media use were not correlated with awareness of data privacy policies. However, comfort with companies’ use of personal and student data and faith in governments’ capacity to regulate social media companies were correlated. We discuss our findings in relation to the use of social media and related data privacy considerations and the need for data literacy training in teacher education programs. We include recommendations in light of the findings.
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British Journal of Educational Technology, 2021, vol. 52, núm. 2, p. 519-535