Technology-enhanced Learning Design of a Pre-service Teacher Training Course in a Research-based Learning context

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Research-based learning is an educational approach that aims at enhancing an active student engagement through research activities that are typical of the field. In the case of student teachers, this implies getting involved in educational research and in the development of educational innovation based on research. A valid method for this aim is design-based research, which combines theory and practice through designing different types of educational products. In this work we present a technology-enhanced learning design of a pre-service teacher training course within the frame of research-based learning and, concretely, of design-based research. The course had the focus on the use of technology in the school, as well as on the development of the digital competence, and it was organized around the preparation of an educational proposal in which the use of technology was integrated and based on a research question. As results, we share the vision of the course instructor and the student teachers. Conclusions address the innovative character of the learning design and the educational practice presented and suggest future lines of work.
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UTE Teaching & Technology (Universitas Tarraconensis), 2020, Número monogràfic, p. 14-27