Chemical composition and insecticidal activity of two eagle fern (Pteridium aquilinum) extracts on the poplar aphid Chaitophorus populialbae (Hemiptera-Aphididae)

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Zaid, Ratiba
Mouhouche, Fazia
Canela i Garayoa, RamonCanela i Garayoa, Ramon - ORCID ID
Benddine, Hichem
Ortega Chacón, Nancy Milena
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Within the framework of the development of the Algerian flora, the seriousness of the damage caused by aphids of which the species Chaitophorus populialbae Boyer de Fonscolombe, infested the white poplar and the search for alternative solutions more respectful for the environment relying on the role of biopesticides of plant origin, we chose a plant Pteridium aquilinum Linne, belonging to the family Dennstaedtiaceae which presents various biological activities, in particular insecticide. This study is intended to improve our knowledge of these chemical compounds. and evaluate the insecticide activity in vitro, in laboratory conditions, of this plant's methanolic and chloroformic extracts on viviparous apterous females of Chaitophorus populialbae Boyer de Fonscolombe. The best extraction yield of the plant was recorded with the polar solvent methanolic with a rate of 50.5% compared to chloroform, whose extraction rate was 43.5%. The chemical compounds identified by GC/MS are 29 from the ultrasound extraction. Among the 29 chemical compounds, 21 are terpenes, including 6 monoterpenes and 8 oxygenated monoterpenes, 7 fatty acids, and 1 amino acid. Toxicity tests of methanolic and chloroformic extracts, at a concentration of 50 mu L/mL reveal corrected mortality of 100% after 24 h of exposure for all the viviparous apterous females of Chaitophorus populialbae Boyer de Fonscolombe.
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Journal of Central European Agriculture, 2022, vol. 23, núm. 4, p. 773-781