zoolog R package: Zooarchaeological analysis with log-ratios

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Pozo, Jose M.
Trentacoste, Angela
Nieto Espinet, AriadnaNieto Espinet, Ariadna - ORCID ID
Guimaraes, Silvia
Valenzuela-Lamas, Silvia
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Log Size Indexes (LSI) allow the increase of the number of data and have been used in a number of zooarchaeological studies since 1950. However, some standards to calculate the log ratios remain unpublished, the calculation of the indexes can be tedious, and it is further hindered by the diversity of data recording practices. The R package ‘zoolog’ enables calculation of thousands of log-ratios in seconds, with the advantage that the users can choose between different public references, which increases the repeatability and comparability of the results, allowing the smooth integration of references and databases with heterogeneous nomenclatures. Alternatively, the users may use their own references. This paper presents the main functionalities and procedures enabled by the package ‘zoolog’, together with some examples of use. A real dataset and several examples with R code are provided with the aim of facilitating osteometrical analyses in zooarchaeology.
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Quaternary International, 2022. In Press