Delivery of Multimodal Analgesia to Effectively Treat Acute Pain: A Review From Roma Pain Days

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Hanna, Magdi
Montero Matamala, Antonio
Perrot, Serge
Varrassi, Giustino
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cc-by (c) Magdi Hanna et. al., 2022.
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It is crucial that acute pain be promptly and adequately treated in order to prevent it from transitioning to chronic pain, a devastating and sometimes permanent condition that is challenging to treat and associated with disability, reduced quality of life, and depression. Guidelines for the treatment of acute low-back pain (LBP) are predicated on assumptions that all acute LBP is benign, temporary, and traditionally treated with a “wait and see” approach. LBP is far from a monolithic condition: etiology, the presence of underlying conditions, mental health status, social situation, patient’s age and occupation, and comorbidities all present different risk factors for chronic LBP that should be considered in treating acute LBP or other forms of acute pain. A multimodal approach to acute pain has been shown to be safe and effective. In particular, the combination product of oral dexketoprofen and tramadol has been shown effective in controlling acute pain, which spares the use of opioids and is well tolerated. Chronic pain must be viewed as a global health crisis, and the timely and adequate control of acute painful conditions is a good strategy to reduce its prevalence. Experts at Roma Pain Days discussed this important topic which is the foundation of this review.
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Cureus, 2022, vol. 4, núm, 2, art. 22465.