Evidence-based Standards in the Design of Family Support Programmes in Spain

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Bernedo, Isabel M.
Balsells, M. ÀngelsBalsells, M. Àngels - ORCID ID
González-Pasarín, Lucía
Espinosa, M. Ángeles
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The positive parenting approach has highlighted the importance of supporting families to perform the functions associated with their parental role and to improve children’s well-being. The aims of this study were to identify and describe the characteristics of family support programmes in Spain, and to examine the extent to which they meet evidence-based standards for programme formulation. The sample includes 57 programmes identified by the Spanish Family Support Network, which belongs to the pan-European Family Support Network (EurofamNet). Frequency analyses and contingency tables were carried out. The results show that the Spanish programmes meet several evidence-based standards for programme formulation (i.e., manualization). However, further efforts are required in some areas, such as universality and interdisciplinarity of family support programmes. The findings provide a platform from which to design new initiatives in accordance with standards for prevention programmes, and inform stakeholders and politicians in drawing up evidence based public policies.
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Psicología Educativa, 2022, vol 28, núm. 2, p. 1-9.