Circular solid state reduction process of fine copper powder synthesis with life cycle assessment for photovoltaics application

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Cebula, Filip
Wojtaszek, Konrad
Shabbir, Hasan
Kula, Anna
Pędzich, Zbigniew
Kornaus, Kamil
Małecki, Stanisław
Kołczyk-Siedlecka, Karolina
Socha, Robert P.
Escribà i Gelonch, MarcEscribà i Gelonch, Marc - ORCID ID
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cc-by-nc-nd (c) Cebula et al., 2022
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This paper presents the process of synthesis of copper powders obtained by the pyrometallurgical method without the participation of the liquid phase. This method is based on the simultaneous decomposition and reduction of copper (II) carbonate. Hydrogen was used as a reducing agent. Due to the strongly exothermic thermal effect of the reduction reaction, a mixture of inert gas and hydrogen was used to better control the parameters. Studies have shown that the carbonate method enables the synthesis of copper powders with a narrow distribution and controlled size. The size is controlled by the grinding time of the copper (II) carbonate. An life cycle assessment and circularity study evaluate the sustainability of the new process, and focus is given to the energy efficiency.
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Sustainable Materials and Technologies, 2022, vol. 33, núm. art. e00486