Classification of Textile Samples Using Data Fusion Combining Near- and Mid-Infrared Spectral Information

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Riba Ruiz, Jordi-Roger
Cantero Gómez, M. RosaCantero Gómez, M. Rosa - ORCID ID
Puig, RitaPuig, Rita - ORCID ID
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cc-by (c) Riba et al., 2022
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There is an urgent need to reuse and recycle textile fibers, since today, low recycling rates are achieved. Accurate classification methods for post-consumer textile waste are needed in the short term for a higher circularity in the textile and fashion industries. This paper compares different spectroscopic data from textile samples in order to correctly classify the textile samples. The accurate classification of textile waste results in higher recycling rates and a better quality of the recycled materials. The data fusion of near- and mid-infrared spectra is compared with single-spectrum information. The classification results show that data fusion is a better option, providing more accurate classification results, especially for difficult classification problems where the classes are wide and close to one another. The experimental results presented in this paper prove that the data fusion of near- and mid-infrared spectra is a good option for accurate textile-waste classification, since this approach allows the classification results to be significantly improved.
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Polymers, 2022, vol.14, núm. 15, núm. art. 3073