How can teachers act in situations of death and child and teenager's grief? A systematic review

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The situation in which we find ourselves immersed in the global pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in a large number of deaths, and although death continues to be taboo in western society in the 21st century, it is necessary and urgent that educational centres resume the challenge of approaching death pedagogically. In this study, a meta-analysis of the current state of death pedagogy is carried out, providing practical and functional tools and strategies for schools and high schools. To find all the strategies mentioned, a continuous and systematic bibliographic search of the last 7 years was carried out. Guidelines are offered to carry out useful and effective empathic accompaniment, as well as a follow-up of the understanding of death that children and adolescents have according to their ages. In addition, psycho-pedagogical orientations are also offered for more serious situations, as well as actions to be taken into account depending on the casuistry that we may find in educational centres. In conclusion, education professionals are encouraged to take charge of the great challenge of carrying out a pedagogy of death in a formal education classroom.
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International Journal of Development Research, 2022, vol. 12, núm. 06, p. 57132-57135