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dc.contributorSolsona Tehàs, Francesc
dc.contributorUniversitat de Lleida. Escola Politècnica Superior
dc.contributor.authorJurado Foix, Pau
dc.description.abstractThe progress and evolution of a society is directly related to the quality of its educational system and the will of its people to innovate and learn. It’s vital that the population doesn’t lose that love to learn and improve in order to keep improving the world’s lifestyle and to keep achieving lifechanging achievements. While our society has entered a non-return point, with all the new technologies that are now implemented in our every-day basis, there are more and more distractions and temptations to spend lots of hours in non-profitable or non-quality time for our brain, making us lose a lot of potential as humans. Also, not implementing or using these new technologies in our educational systems would be losing the opportunity to find new ways of learning or teaching, or simply, keeping us behind in the technology timeline. That’s why, nowadays, there’s an urge to search for new and innovative ways of learning, using our hightech and latest devices. The purpose of this thesis is to develop an attractive mobile game and app that young students can play with and at the same time develop new and healthy habits, while they also build up an interest in learning and thinking how to solve problems in a creative way. For that, each day the player will be presented a new and different challenge will request him to think outside of the box to solve it. Concluding, this project has achieved to create such game, which will be, if its developing phase continues and can also reach more students, a nice and entertaining tool that will teach students to have fun while learning, without them knowing it.ca_ES
dc.format.extent51 p.ca_ES
dc.subjectProposta educativaca_ES
dc.titlePuzzlemates, un videojoc amb finalitats pedagògiques desenvolupat amb Unityca_ES

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