Extensive Mediterranean agroecosystems and their linked traditional breeds: Societal demand for the conservation of the Majorcan black pig

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Varela, Elsa
Kallas, Zein
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Extensive outdoor low-intensity livestock farming systems are the principal form of management of high natural value farmland in Europe. Their marginalisation and poor recognition in policies and markets, can ultimately risk the future of sustainable farming and their paired mosaic landscapes. Traditional high-quality meat products from Mediterranean pigs are produced in extensive-type production systems using native agro-pastoral resources. This is the case of the porc negre mallorquí, the Majorcan Black Pig (MBP), a traditional extensive pig breed native from Mallorca island (Balearic islands, Spain), characterised by its high rusticity and adaptation to the Mediterranean climatic conditions. In this study we assessed island dwellers’ preferences for management options for MBP, its agroecosystem and related products through a choice experiment valuation survey. Our results show overall societal support for improved breed conservation status, tree crop and product diversity. Outcomes of this study call for complementary policies to support this breed and its coupled agroecosystem where breed conservation and enhancement of landscape diversity through public funding is complemented with product innovation and premium niche markets for overall agroecosystem viability.
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Land Use Policy, 2022, vol. 112, p. 105848