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dc.creatorGemeno Marín, César
dc.creatorPérez Aparicio, Alicia
dc.creatorAmmagarahalli Munishamappa, Byrappa
dc.description.abstractThe study explores if female Grapholita molesta moths can detect its own sex pheromone. The approach involves electroantennography (EAG), single -sensillum recordings (SSR), analyzed with non-linear dose-response and hierarchical cluster analysis. The excel file contains the data, the word file contains the R code. The data are from 3 different experiments. Experiment 1 is the electroantennographic (EAG) response of male and female Grapholita molesta adults to the female sex pheromone components, Z8-12:Ac and E8-12:Ac. Experiment 2 are single-sensillum recordings (SSR) of Z- and E-ORNs from males to the major and minor sex pheromone compounds of females. The EAG and SSR were analyzed with non-linear dose-response curves. In experiment 3, male and female ORNs were challenged with two doses of the major and minor female sex pheromone compounds, a plant volatile blend and the male-produced hairpencil courtship pheromone. The results of experiment 3 were analyzed with hierarchical cluster analysis. The R code is for descriptive statistics (means, and such), predictive statistics (GLMs and such) and graphs and in addition to the code there are indications for teh different steps, plus selected output . Data for submission of research manuscript.
dc.publisherRepositori de Dades de Recerca
dc.rightscc-by (c) César Gemeno et al., 2022
dc.subjectMedicine, Health and Life Sciences
dc.subjectGrapholita molesta
dc.subjectSex pheromones
dc.subjectPlant volatiles
dc.titleData of a study of sex pheromone detection by females of the oriental fruit moth, Grapholita molesta
dc.typeExperimental data
dc.relatedPérez-Aparicio, A., Ammagarahalli, B., and Gemeno, C. A closer loock at pheromone autodetection in the oriental fruit moth. Submitted to Scientific Reports. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-10954-x

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cc-by (c) César Gemeno et al., 2022
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as cc-by (c) César Gemeno et al., 2022