The perception of training and professional development according to nursing students as health workers during COVID-19: A qualitative study

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Canet Vélez, Olga
Botigué, TeresaBotigué, Teresa - ORCID ID
Lavedán, AnaLavedán, Ana - ORCID ID
Masot, OlgaMasot, Olga - ORCID ID
Cemeli, TàniaCemeli, Tània - ORCID ID
Roca Llobet, JudithRoca Llobet, Judith - ORCID ID
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Aim: To explore the perception of education and professional development of final-year nursing students who carried out health relief tasks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global health emergency. This situation has exacerbated the need for additional healthcare employees, forcing the Spanish government to incorporate volunteer nursing students as auxiliary health staff. Design: A qualitative study framed in the constructivist paradigm. Methods: Twenty-two students of nursing were recruited. A purposeful sampling was implemented until reaching saturation. A semi-structured interview as a conversational technique was used to collect information based on three dimensions: academic curriculum, disciplinary professional development, and patient care. Subsequently, a content analysis of the information was carried out. Three phases were followed in the data analysis process: theoretical, descriptive-analytical, and interpretive. The COREQ checklist was used to evaluate the study. Results: The most important results are linked to the students' professional and academic preparation, how the nurses handled the pandemic situation and the characteristics of the COVID-19 patients. Conclusions: Students require training in order to offer holistic care to patients, adapted to the context. Participants highlight the importance of professional values and recognize a high level of competence and autonomy in nurses.
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Nurse Education In Practice, 2021, vol. 53, p. 103072