An Internet of Things Platform Based on Microservices and Cloud Paradigms for Livestock

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Mateo Fornés, JordiMateo Fornés, Jordi - ORCID ID
Pagès Bernaus, AdelaPagès Bernaus, Adela - ORCID ID
Pla Aragonés, Lluís MiquelPla Aragonés, Lluís Miquel - ORCID ID
Castells Gasia, Joan Pau
Babot Gaspa, DanielBabot Gaspa, Daniel - ORCID ID
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With the growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the agricultural sector, smart devices are becoming more prevalent. The availability of new, timely, and precise data offers a great opportunity to develop advanced analytical models. Therefore, the platform used to deliver new developments to the final user is a key enabler for adopting IoT technology. This work presents a generic design of a software platform based on the cloud and implemented using microservices to facilitate the use of predictive or prescriptive analytics under different IoT scenarios. Several technologies are combined to comply with the essential features¿scalability, portability, interoperability, and usability¿that the platform must consider to assist decision-making in agricultural 4.0 contexts. The platform is prepared to integrate new sensor devices, perform data operations, integrate several data sources, transfer complex statistical model developments seamlessly, and provide a user-friendly graphical interface. The proposed software architecture is implemented with open-source technologies and validated in a smart farming scenario. The growth of a batch of pigs at the fattening stage is estimated from the data provided by a level sensor installed in the silo that stores the feed from which the animals are fed. With this application, we demonstrate how farmers can monitor the weight distribution and receive alarms when high deviations happen.
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Sensors, 2021, vol. 21, núm. 17, 5949