Catalanismes i dialectalismes lexicals de Naut Aran en Palmira Jaquetti. Elements de vocabulari sobre la pretesa natura acatalanada de l'alt aranès

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It has been said that the Occitan spoken in the upper part of the Aran Valley has Catalan influence and that this fact constitutes an important part of its specificity, if not its defining characteristic. Theoretically, this would be a consequence of the relationships that Naut Aran (Upper Aran) has with the neighboring areas where Catalan is spoken. But are these perceptions accurate? In this work we may not be able to answer this question completely, but we will try to analyze some of the features of the lexicon in the easternmost part of the Aran Valley. To do this, we will deal with ten words of High Aranese obtained from the texts of Palmira Jaquetti, a Catalan ethnofoklorist who visited the region during the second quarter of the 20th century and whose materials often reflect the Naut Aran dialect.
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Zeitschrift für Katalanistik = Revista Alemanya d'Estudis Catalans, 2021, vol. 34, p. 249–294