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dc.contributorBuenestado Teixidó, Miguel
dc.creatorMariona Martínez-Subirà
dc.creatorMaria-Paz Romero
dc.creatorMarian Moralejo
dc.creatorAlba Macià
dc.creatorEva Puig
dc.creatorRoxana Savin
dc.creatorIgnacio Romagosa
dc.descriptionThe data reported in the dataset refer to the final accumulation of grain weight, grain size, β-glucan, arabinoxylans, phenolic compounds and their antioxidant capacity in fully mature grains for four barley genotypes under two contrasting temperatures during two consecutive seasons.
dc.publisherRepositori de dades de recerca
dc.subjectAgricultural Sciences
dc.subjectThermal stress
dc.subjectBioactive compounds
dc.subjectAntioxidant capacity
dc.titleDifferential accumulation of bioactive compounds as a result to post‐anthesis thermal stress in field‐grown barley
dc.typeObservation Data
dc.relatedMartínez-Subirà, M.; Romero, M-P.; Moralejo, M.; Macià, A.; Puig, E.; Savin, R; Romagosa, I. Post-anthesis thermal stress induces differential accumulation of bioactive compounds in field-grown barley. J. Sci. Food Agric. 2021. handle:

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