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dc.contributor.authorNaudí i Farré, Alba
dc.contributor.authorJové Font, Mariona
dc.contributor.authorAyala Jové, Ma. Victoria (Maria Victoria)
dc.contributor.authorPortero Otín, Manuel
dc.contributor.authorBarja, Gustavo
dc.contributor.authorPamplona Gras, Reinald
dc.description.abstractOxidative stress resulting from biomolecular oxidative damage due to the imbalance between reactive species production and antioxidant response has become an universal constraint of life-history evolution in animals and a modulator of phenotypic development and trade-offs. Redox balance is an important selective pressure faced by most organisms, and a myriad of mechanisms have evolved to regulate and adjust this balance. This diversity of mechanisms means that organisms have a great deal of flexibility in how they deal with reactive species challenges across time, conditions, and tissue types, as well as that different organisms may evolve different strategies for dealing with similar challenges. In the following paragraphs, we review the adaption of biological membranes as structural antioxidant defense against reactive species evolved by animals. In particular, it is our goal to describe the physiological mechanisms underlying the structural adaption of cellular membranes to oxidative stress, to explain the meaning of this adaptive mechanism, and to review the state of the art about the link between membrane composition and longevity of animal species.ca_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipInvestigations of the author of this review have been supported in part by I + D grants from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (BFU2008-00335/ BFI and BFU2011-23888), and BSCH-UCM (2009-2010) to G.B; and grants from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (BFU2009-11879/BFI), the Spanish Ministry of Health (RD06/0013/0012), and the Generalitat of Catalunya (2009SGR735) to R.P.ca_ES
dc.relation.isformatofReproducció del document publicat a:
dc.relation.ispartofFree Radicals and Antioxidants, 2011, vol. 1, núm. 3, p. 3-12ca_ES
dc.rightscc-by-nc-nd, (c) Phcog.Net, 2011ca_ES
dc.subjectFatty acid desaturasesca_ES
dc.subjectMembrane unsaturationca_ES
dc.subjectOxidative damageca_ES
dc.subjectPeroxidizability indexca_ES
dc.subjectPhylogenomic analysisca_ES
dc.subjectReactive carbonyl speciesca_ES
dc.titleRegulation of membrane unsaturation as antioxidant adaptive mechanism in long-lived animal speciesca_ES

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cc-by-nc-nd, (c) Phcog.Net, 2011
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