Tourist Destination Placement in Fiction Films: An Applied Research Proposal

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The study here proposed draws on the concept of the so-called “film-induced tourism”, understood as a strategy for promoting tourist destinations in fiction films. This objective is pursued through the development of an analysis model that enables the identification of the unique features of the destination as a space where the events depicted in the films occur, their function and their relationship with other narrative variables. The model has been applied to a corpus of films that other researchers have identified as essential for the growth of tourism to the locations they present. The results suggest that the space needs to be referential, irrespective of whether the diegetic space is the same as the filming location, that its status should be closer to the character than to the setting, that its mise-en-scène should emphasize the interaction with other characters, or that it should be essential in events that shape the structure of the story.
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Communication & Society, 2020, vol. 33, núm. 4, p. 1-17