Older people’s production and appropriation of digital videos: an ethnographic study

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Ferreira, Susan M.
Sayago Barrantes, SergioSayago Barrantes, Sergio - ORCID ID
Blat, Josep
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While most of today’s children, young people, and adults are both consumers and producers of digital content, very little is known about older people as digital content creators. Drawing on a 3-year ethnographic study, this paper reports on the digital video production and appropriation of approximately 200 older people (aged 60 to 85). They generated 320 videos over the course of the study. We show their motivations for engaging in digital video production, discuss their planned video making, and highlight their creativity while editing videos. We show the different meanings they ascribed to digital videos in their social appropriation of these objects, the meaningful strategies they adopted to share videos, and the impact on their perceived wellbeing. Furthermore, we outline the solutions the participants developed to overcome or cope with interaction issues they faced over time. We argue that the results portray older people as active and creative makers of digital videos with current video capturing, editing, and sharing technologies. We contend that this portrayal both encourages us to reconsider how older people should be seen within Human-Computer Interaction and helps to frame future research / design activities that bridge the grey digital divide.
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Behaviour & Information Technology, 2016, vol. 36, núm. 6, p. 557-574