Feasibility Assessment of the Let’s Walk Programme (CAMINEM): Exercise Training and Health Promotion in Primary Health-Care Settings

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Mas Alòs, SebastiàMas Alòs, Sebastià - ORCID ID
Planas i Anzano, AntoniPlanas i Anzano, Antoni - ORCID ID
Peirau i Terés, XavierPeirau i Terés, Xavier - ORCID ID
Real Gatius, Jordi
Galindo Ortego, Gisela
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Exercise is related to many individual health outcomes but impact evaluations of exercise programmes are seldom conducted. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the feasibility of an exercise prescription intervention in primary health-care settings (CAMINEM Programme) located in two socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The CAMINEM was a pragmatic-driven intervention with opportunistic recruitment. It followed the 5As framework for health promotion and also the exercise training principles. Feasibility was evaluated using the RE-AIM framework (Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance). Patients with non-communicable chronic diseases participated in a 12-month home-based moderate-intensity exercise program, counselled by exercise physiologists. Participants were grouped according to their physical activity behaviour at baseline and 6-month adherence. CAMINEM reached 1.49% (n = 229) of the eligible population (N = 15,374) and included a final sample of 178. Health outcomes for adhered participants followed positive patterns. Non-adhered participants visited their practitioner more compared to adhered participants. Thirty-three practitioners (40%) referred patients. Nurses referred four times more than physicians (81% and 19% respectively). The delivery of exercise prescriptions proved to be easy to complete and record by participants as well as easy to monitor and adjust by the exercise physiologists. One out of four participants adhered during the 12-month intervention. This intervention has been feasible in primary care in Catalonia, Spain, to safely prescribe home-based exercise for several conditions.
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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021, vol. 18, núm. 6, 3192