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dc.contributorEstupinyà, Eva
dc.creatorGarcia, Roberto
dc.creatorGil, Rosa
dc.creatorGimeno, Juan Manuel
dc.creatorBakke, Eirik
dc.creatorKarger, David R.
dc.descriptionBenchmark for End-User Structured Data User Interfaces (BESDUI) based on the Berlin SPARQL Benchmark (BSBM) but intended for benchmarking the user experience while exploring a structured dataset, not the performance of the query engine. BSBM is just used to provide the data to be explored. This is a cheap User Interface benchmark as it does not involve users but experts, who measure how many interaction steps are required to complete each of the benchmark tasks, if possible. This also facilitates comparing different tools without the bias that different end-user profiles might introduce. The way to measure this interaction steps and convert them to an estimate of the required time to complete a task is based on the Keystroke-Level Model (KLM)
dc.publisherRepositori de dades de recerca
dc.subjectComputer and Information Science
dc.subjectUser Experience
dc.subjectSemantic Data
dc.subjectRelational Data
dc.titleBESDUI: A Benchmark for End-User Structured Data User Interfaces
dc.typeLlenguatges de marcatge

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