Disseny d'un sistema potabilitzador d'aigua per rajos ultraviolats

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Bover Pol, Llorenç
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Casanovas Salas, JordiCasanovas Salas, Jordi - ORCID ID
Universitat de Lleida. Escola Politècnica Superior
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The main purpose of this project is to design an Individual Water Purification Device (IWPD) with humanitarian character. Keeping in mind that, as scientists, it would be our responsibility to use technology to help our societies, the project aims to contribute to solve one of the most important global problems: the water scarcity, in particular in less developed societies. The Project has been developed in four phases. Starting from a previous personal project, named Emundans Radicis, on each subsequent stage the complexity and cost of the manufacturing process have been reduced, while increasing the self-life of the device and the application fields. As a result, the project consists in a water sterilizer system based on the ultraviolet light (UV) technology. The UV light attack on the DNA of the microorganisms has been proven to be a simple and highly effective germicide tool. On the other hand, this technology does not employ chemical products; neither presents any toxicity nor generates unwanted residues. The designed device uses an UV LED of 100W assembled in a tank of 160L. Calculations have been performed to determine both the sedimentation time and the radiation exposure time necessary to meet sanitation requirements. It should be noted that the device can work with a solar panel, has a simple operation mode, is easy to repair, adaptable to different situations and has a low economic cost.
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