Application of Clément's first formula to an arranged-schedule secondary canal

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Monserrat Viscarri, JoaquínMonserrat Viscarri, Joaquín - ORCID ID
Naghaee, R.
Cots Rubió, LluísCots Rubió, Lluís - ORCID ID
Monem, M. J.
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Clément's first formula was initially intended to determine discharge in on-demand pressurized irrigation networks; nevertheless, it can also be applied to canal systems because the irrigation process is similar. Discharges at a secondary branch of the Aragon and Catalonia canal (Spain). with an arranged schedule of 24-hour duration and 1-day delay, were analyzed. Since the canal was high-capacity and, as such, no request restrictions were necessary, Clément's formula could potentially simulate discharges in this case. Canal's intakes were modeled assuming normally distributed variables represented by their average and standard deviation. Clément's first formula accurately fit the observed cumulative probability curve of canal discharge at different sections. The relationship between the average intake's discharge and the product of the specific continuous discharge by the service area was also assessed. Clemmens' arranged delivery schedule equation does not apply to this case because the canal delivers pressurized irrigation and high turnout opening probabilities occur.
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Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering-Asce, 2021, vol. 147, num. 2, p. 1-7