Una tabla inédita de Nicolau Falcó y la iconografia de la aparición de Cristo resucitado a su madre con los padres del limbo

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Puig, IsidrePuig, Isidre - ORCID ID
Velasco González, AlbertoVelasco González, Alberto - ORCID ID
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cc-by-nc (c) Universitat de València. Departament d'Història de l'Art, 2012
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In this paper we present a previously unpublished painting by the Valencian painter Nicolau Falcó, held in a privatecollection in Barcelona. Of unknown origin, it represents the risen Christ's appearance to the Virgin accompanied by the pa-triarchs rescued from limbo. It is not a strange iconography, although it is unusual in late Gothic and Renaissance painting.Besides the stylistic study of the work and its place in the context of the Valencian painting in the early sixteenth century, thispaper analyzes the documents known about the saga of the Falcó. Moreover, this study delves into the iconographic represen-tation of the painting and textual sources that support it. These include the Vita Christi by Isabel de Villena, which describesin detail the passage and, from its editio princepsof 1497, contributed to the episode broadcast in Valencian pictorial cycles.
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Cuadernos de arte, 2012, núm. 21, p. 143-163