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dc.contributor.authorMangraviti, Antonella
dc.contributor.authorRaghavan, Tula
dc.contributor.authorVolpin, Francesco
dc.contributor.authorSkuli, Nicolas
dc.contributor.authorGullotti, David
dc.contributor.authorZhou, Jinyuan
dc.contributor.authorAsnaghi, Laura
dc.contributor.authorSankey, Eric
dc.contributor.authorLiu, Ann
dc.contributor.authorWang, Yuan
dc.contributor.authorLee, Dong-Hoon
dc.contributor.authorGorelick, Noah
dc.contributor.authorSerra, Riccardo
dc.contributor.authorPeters, Michael
dc.contributor.authorSchriefer, Destiny
dc.contributor.authorDelaspre, Fabien
dc.contributor.authorRodriguez, Fausto J.
dc.contributor.authorEberhart, Charles G.
dc.contributor.authorBrem, Henry
dc.contributor.authorOlivi, Alessandro
dc.contributor.authorTyler, Betty
dc.description.abstractTumor progression, limited efficacy of current standard treatments, and the rise in patient mortality are associated with gene expression caused by the synergistic action of intratumoral hypoxia and HIF-1α activation. For this reason, recent investigations have focused on HIF-targeting therapeutic agents, with encouraging preclinical and clinical results in solid tumors. Here we describe the efficacy of a HIF-1α inhibitor, Acriflavine, and demonstrate its potency against brain cancer. This safe antibacterial dye induces cell death and apoptosis in several glioma cell lines, targets HIF-1α-mediated pathways, and decreases the level of PGK1, VEGF and HIF-1α in vitro and in vivo. Administered locally via biodegradable polymers, Acriflavine provides significant benefits in survival resulting in nearly 100% long term survival, confirmed by MRI and histological analyses. This study reports preclinical evidence that this safe, small molecule can contribute to brain tumor therapy and highlights the significance of HIF-1α-targeting molecules.
dc.publisherNature Publishing Group
dc.relation.isformatofReproducció del document publicat a:
dc.relation.ispartofScientific Reports, 2017, vol. 7, núm. 14978
dc.rightscc-by (c) Mangraviti, Antonella et al., 2017
dc.subject.otherCervell -- Càncer
dc.subject.otherCàncer -- Tractament
dc.titleHIF-1α- Targeting Acriflavine Provides Long Term Survival and Radiological Tumor Response in Brain Cancer Therapy

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cc-by (c) Mangraviti, Antonella et al., 2017
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as cc-by (c) Mangraviti, Antonella et al., 2017