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dc.contributorUniversitat de Lleida. Grup de Recerca en Estudis Medievals Espai, Poder i Cultura
dc.contributor.authorSabaté, Flocel
dc.description.abstractThe journal departs from the premise that research, in the current context, will benefit from unpublished contributions based on the study of diverse sources (to which is dedicated the section “The past studied and measured”, with nine articles per issue); an ongoing analysis of methodologies, methods, and historiographical tendencies (to which is dedicated the section “The past interrogated and unmasked”, with four arti cles per issue); and a continually updated reflection on the ways and forms of scientific dissemination and knowledge transfer to society (to which is dedicated the section “The past explained and recreated”, with two articles per issue). The journal puts great emphasis on a global approach and, consequently, on the promotion of internationalisation. In order to maintain a geographical balance we seek to ensure that no more than half of the articles published in any issue proceed from the same country. To facilitate the journal's internationalisation, English has been chosen as the common academic language. All articles are therefore published in English. If an article was originally written in another language and subsequently translated into English, the journal will publish, as well as the English version, also the original version of the text (set apart in an appendix), if requested by the author. This will ensure maximum accuracy of the original text and the language employed. The journal is published once annually within the corresponding year of each issue. It is published simultaneously in paper and electronically in free access.
dc.format.extent648 p.
dc.publisherEdicions de la Universitat de Lleidaca_ES
dc.rightscc-by (c) Edicions de la Universitat de Lleida, 2020ca_ES
dc.subject.otherHistòria medieval -- Revistesca_ES
dc.titleImago Temporis. Medium Aevum. 14 (2020)ca_ES

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cc-by (c) Edicions de la Universitat de Lleida, 2020
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