Recent Submissions

  • European wilderness in a time of farmland abandonment 

    Ceaușu, Silvia; Carver, Steve; Verburg, Peter H.; Kuechly, Helga U.; Hölker, Franz; Brotons, Lluís; Pereira, Henrique M. (Springer Open, 2015-05-05)
    Wilderness is a multidimensional concept that has evolved from an aesthetic idea to a science-based conservation approach. We analyze here several subjective and ecological dimensions of wilderness in Europe: human access ...
  • Are soil carbon stocks in mountain grasslands compromised by land-use changes? 

    Garcia-Pausas, Jordi; Romanyà i Socoró, Joan; Montané, Francesc; Rios, Ana I.; Taull, Marc; Rovira, Pere; Casals, Pere (Springer Open, 2017-08-05)
    Mountain grasslands are generally rich in soil organic C, but the typical high spatial variability of mountain environments, together with the different management systems, makes their soil C content particularly variable. ...