Assessing Prospective Teachers’ Affective Component Related to Working with Statistical Projects

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Gea, María M.
Estrada Roca, M. AsunciónEstrada Roca, M. Asunción - ORCID ID
Batanero, Carmen
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The aim of this paper was to evaluate the cognitive component of Spanish prospective high school teachers about correlation and regression. The evaluation is based on the analysis of the cognitive suitability of a statistical project carried out by 65 students preparing to become mathematics teachers, after having previously worked with that project. The project is based on real data from the relationships of live expectancy with different indicators of human development, taken from the UN web server, and is intended to introduce correlation and regression in high school, The analysis of the participants’ written productions is used to assign a level in each indicator of cognitive suitability, which extends those proposed in a previous work. It also serves to identify examples of the cognitive component of teachers’ knowledge about correlation and regression.
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Acta Scientiae, 2019, vol. 21, núm. 3, p. 112-130