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dc.contributor.authorCassanyé, Anna
dc.contributor.authorMartín-Gari, Meritxell
dc.contributor.authorPortero Otín, Manuel
dc.contributor.authorSerrano Casasola, José Carlos Enrique
dc.description.abstractProlonged caloric intake above energy needs disturbs the body's ability to store and manage the excess of energy intake, leading to the onset of chronic degenerative diseases. This study aimed to compare the effect of three foods, which contain demonstrated bioactive compounds in the treatment of obesity and as an adjuvant in obesity energy restriction treatments. In a mice obesity model induced through a high-fat diet; fish oil, soluble fibre, and soy were incorporated to evaluate its capacity to modulate metabolic factors in adipose tissue during a continued fat intake or weight reduction through a normocaloric diet. As a result, fish oil improved mitochondrial related, adipose tissue hormone expression, and oxidation products when high-fat diets are consumed; while soluble fibre improved glucose and inflammation pathways during high-fat diet intake. In weight reduction treatments few differential features, as a treatment adjuvant, were observed for fish oil and soy; while soluble fibre was able to improve the weight reduction effects induced by a normocaloric diet. As a conclusion, soluble fibre supplementation compared to an energy reduction program, was the only treatment able to induce a significant additional effect in the improvement of weight loss and adipose tissue metabolism.ca_ES
dc.relation.isformatofReproducció del document publicat a
dc.relation.ispartofInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2019, vol. 20, núm. 23, p. 5870ca_ES
dc.rightscc-by, (c) Cassanye et al., 2019ca_ES
dc.subjectAdipose tissueca_ES
dc.subjectFish oilca_ES
dc.subjectSoluble fibreca_ES
dc.titleAdipose Tissue Mitochondrial Factors Profile after Dietary Bioactive Compound Weight Reduction Treatments in a Mice Obesity Modelca_ES

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cc-by, (c) Cassanye et al., 2019
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