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    • Conceptual and methodological issues in estimating the success of ecological restoration 

      Marchand, Lilian; Castagneyrol, Bastien; Jiménez, Juan José; Rey Benayas, José María; Benot, Marie-Lise; Martínez Ruiz, Carolina; Alday, Josu G.; Jaunatre, Renaud; Dutoit, Thierry; Buisson, Elise; Mench, Michel; Alard, Didier; Corcket, Emmanuel; Comín, F. A. (Francisco A.) (Elsevier, 2021-01-23)
      Ecological restoration (ER) of terrestrial ecosystems has become widespread in past decades. However, assessing its success is complex mainly due to the diversity of objectives pursued, actions undertaken but also statistical ...