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dc.contributorArgelich Romà, Josep
dc.contributorSanromà, Manel
dc.contributorUniversitat de Lleida. Escola Politècnica Superior
dc.contributor.authorAnaya Ibars, Genís
dc.description.abstractIn this project we explain the design and implementation of a part of an application called “People Analytics” that consists in the analysis of company employees and has the objective of helping the department of Human Resources of any company to prevent the turnover of employees and high performance employees, as well as to get to know the company’s employees better and help decision-making for the management of the department and the company. The People Analytics application consists in different sections that give different information to different departments of the company. The idea of this project is that every company can manage its information in an interactive and functional way through charts, tables, and graphs that answer all business questions whenever the user needs the information. In a more specific way, referring the main part of this project, the retention of talent and employee’s turnover, we’re living on a world where companies have understood the importance of attracting talented young people as the main step to develop their business. In addition, companies sometimes look for talent outside the company, ignoring that good training and preparation of current employees can contribute to their growth in the same way. That is why this tool helps to understand better the employees of the company, to see their concerns and their strengths and help the company managers to make decisions that enhance the quality and the productivity of the company. Moreover, through predictive algorithms and simulations, users of the application can obtain the probability of turnover for each employee of the company and help in each case to act with enough time to prevent the turnover of the employee, and above all, the high-performance turnover.ca_ES
dc.format.extent109 p.ca_ES
dc.subjectBig dataca_ES
dc.subjectMachine learningca_ES
dc.subject.otherMineria de dadesca_ES
dc.titlePredictive Analysis applied to talent retentionca_ES

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