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dc.contributorSebé Feixas, Francesc
dc.contributorUniversitat de Lleida. Escola Politècnica Superior
dc.contributor.authorPlanes Seuma, Xavier
dc.description.abstractNowadays we live in a society were video games have a deep cultural impact. Not only are very present in modern life, but they are also a powerful economical engine. At the same time, the escape room phenomenon is its pick of popularity. Escape rooms have very potential as video games given its playable nature. But it is still a little exploited idea due to its lack of replayability. This project aims to develop a tool to facilitate the creation of escape rooms-based replayable video games. On the other hand, even if escape rooms are a very universal entertainment, not all may be adequate for everyone. So, the system will also try to provide accurate custom experiences by analyzing the player’s gameplay. The intention of the project is to elongate the lifetime of puzzle-based video games in order to give them more visibility.ca_ES
dc.format.extent35 p.ca_ES
dc.subjectVideo gameca_ES
dc.subjectUnity engineca_ES
dc.titleEscape room generator moduleca_ES

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