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    • The gitanos of La Mariola (The Gypsies in Lleida) 

      Garreta Llevot, Ariadna (2021)
      The gypsy community has maintained its cultural difference and identity throughout the years, even at a transnational level. The negative stereotypes that often surround these people motivated this study with the objective ...
    • UNIVERSITY OF LLEIDA: its history “Aspectes de la vida de l’Estudi General” 

      Ibarz Ribalta, Blanca (2019)
      This project offers an approach to the medieval epoch, particularly to social and daily life in the Estudi General of Lleida. As Charlies H. Haskins stated, "univesities, like cathedrals and parliaments, are a product of ...
    • La vulnerabilitat adolescent als perfils d'instagram 

      Casas Navas, Laia (2020)
      The present study focuses on the current era in which we live in, in connection with the social networks which handle a large part of the population. That is why must be necessary a study on adolescents and the acceptance ...