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dc.contributor.authorMorales Reyes, Zebensui
dc.contributor.authorMartín-López, Berta
dc.contributor.authorMoleón, Marcos
dc.contributor.authorMateo-Tomás, Patricia
dc.contributor.authorBotella, Francisco
dc.contributor.authorMargalida, Antoni
dc.contributor.authorDonázar, José A.
dc.contributor.authorBlanco, Guillermo
dc.contributor.authorPérez, Irene
dc.contributor.authorSánchez-Zapata, José Antonio
dc.description.abstractA socioecological approach to biodiversity conservation has recently been encouraged. We examined farmer perceptions of ecosystem services provided by scavenging vertebrates in Spain through face‐to‐face surveys with farmers in seven large extensive livestock systems. Scavenging services (i.e., carrion consumption) was the most perceived benefit whereas the role of some scavengers as predators was the most recognized damage. The most beneficial scavengers perceived were vultures. Overall, we detected a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” paradox as the same species and species within the same guild can be dually perceived as beneficial or harmful. Our findings provide evidence that traditional extensive farming linked to experience‐based and local ecological knowledge drives positive perceptions of scavengers and their consideration as ecosystem services providers. Research on social perceptions can contribute to the conservation of scavengers by raising awareness about the ecosystem services provided by this functional group.ca_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipM. Yécora‐Molina, M. Valverde, I. Baños‐González, R. Pascual‐Rico, E. Arrondo, J.L. González del Barrio, M. González, J. García‐Fernández, A. Trujillano helped during the fieldwork. We are grateful to the farmers, for generously sharing their knowledge and time. The study was supported by MINECO and ERDF (project CGL2015‐66966‐C2‐1‐R). Z.M.R. was supported by a pre‐doctoral grant (FPU12/00823) and a mobility grant (EST15/00741) from the MECD, M.M. by a Severo Ochoa Program for Centres of Excellence in R+D+I (SEV‐2012‐0262) and by a research contract Ramón y Cajal from the MINECO (RYC‐2015‐19231), P.M.T. by a Portuguese FCT grant (SFRH/BPD/112437/2015), and A.M. by a research contract Ramón y Cajal from the MINECO (RYC‐2012‐11867).ca_ES
dc.relation.isformatofReproducció del document publicat a:
dc.relation.ispartofConservation Lettersca_ES
dc.rightscc-by, (c) Morales Reyes et al., 2017ca_ES
dc.subjectCarrion removalca_ES
dc.subjectFunctional diversityca_ES
dc.subjectTraditional farmingca_ES
dc.titleFarmer Perceptions of the Ecosystem Services Provided by Scavengers: What, Who, and to Whomca_ES

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cc-by, (c) Morales Reyes et al., 2017
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