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    • A Novel Approach to Automate Complex Software Modularization Using a Fact Extraction System 

      Khan, Muhammad Zakir; Naseem, Rashid; Anwar, Aamir; Haq, Ijaz Ul; Alturki, Ahmad; Ullah, Syed Sajid; Al-Hadhrami, Suheer (Hindawi, 2022)
      Complex software systems that support organizations are updated regularly, which can erode system architectures. Moreover, documentation is rarely synchronized with the changes to the software system. This creates a slew ...
    • An Enhanced Multifactor Multiobjective Approach for Software Modularization 

      Khan, Muhammad Zakir; Naseem, Rashid; Haq, Ijaz Ul; Hussain, Saddam; Alroobaea, Roobaea; Ullah, Syed Sajid; Umar, Fazlullah (Hindawi, 2022)
      Complex software systems, meant to facilitate organizations, undergo frequent upgrades that can erode the system architectures. Such erosion makes understandability and maintenance a challenging task. To this end, software ...