How to get and what to do with coloured maps

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Since our first editorial, the Precision Ag Corner is following the cycle of Precision Agriculture (PA) described in the first issue. Until now, we have described how to obtain georeferenced data using visual observations or Global Navigation Satellite Systems together with soil or crop sensors. That is the purpose of the first stage of the PA cycle. We need to bear in mind that the final objective of PA is making more informed management decisions. For this purpose it is crucial to turn the collected data during stage 1 into useful information (stage 2) and, subsequently, into clever management decisions (stage 3). In this issue, we describe how to convert data into information in the form of digital maps. In 2018, New Ag International has again partnered with the Research Group on AgroICT & Precision Agriculture (GRAP) of the University of Lleida-Agrotecnio Center in Catalonia, Spain. In every issue of the magazine Jaume Arnó, José A. Martínez-Casasnovas and Alexandre Escolà, with our Editorial Team, will put together an editorial whose ambition is to help the various stakeholders bridge the gap between datanomics and commercial farming.
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New Ag International, 2018, vol. Feb/March 2018, num. 69, p. 22-31