Imagine how agriculture may look like in 40 years

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Martínez Casasnovas, José AntonioMartínez Casasnovas, José Antonio - ORCID ID
Arnó Satorra, JaumeArnó Satorra, Jaume - ORCID ID
Escolà i Agustí, AlexandreEscolà i Agustí, Alexandre - ORCID ID
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For the first time, the 15th New Ag Conference & Exhibition held in Berlin hosted a technical session on Precision Agriculture. This reaffirms the commitment of New Ag International with this new paradigm of agriculture. Ten high calibre speakers made their way to the stage and covered most aspects of Precision Ag: The dilemma of Precision Ag scale: Is PA only viable in large-scale farming? The use of weather information in PA, Different PA solutions using remote sensing data, Integral solutions implemented in the so called Farm Management Information Systems; the farmer's point of view on PA and, finally, why PA is not a success (yet)? Maybe Precision Ag is not the ultimate solution to agricultural problems, but it is here to stay. 'In 10-15 years agriculture will be PA or it will not be!'
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New Ag International, 2017, vol. June/July 2017, núm. 66, p. 14-27