Treballs finals del doble grau en Enginyeria Informàtica i Administració i Direcció de l'Escola Politècnica Superior [Més informació].

Envíos recientes

  • CRM 365 analysis and integration into a company 

    Boronat Garcia, Jordi (2020-06)
    This document aims to highlight the details of the development of the project that our company (the company where I am working) will do, as well as its validations from the client, HIDRO, in order to install and adapt ...
  • ERP implementation in an industrial engineering company 

    Boné Valls, Juan (2020-07)
    On this final degree project, it is studied the process of implementing a type of information system like Enterprise Resource Planning. For this process it is not just important the software part, also the human team ...
  • Design, management and development of a Business Intelligence Project for a company 

    Balagueró Oliva, Sergi (2020-06)
    The purpose of this document is to show how a company can meet certain needs through implementing and integrating a Business Intelligence system. In this case, this project has consisted of providing the company with a ...
  • eHQoS, a QoS-aware container-based cloud architecture to assist eHealth 

    Piñol Pueyo, Pere (2020-06)
    Microservices and decoupled applications are rising in popularity. These architectures, based on containers, have facilitated the efficient development of complex SaaS applications. A big challenge in eHealth is to manage ...
  • Banking applications 

    Capdevila Castells, Roger (2019-07)
    In a globalized world, where distances don’t mean so much, purchases can be done from one side of the world to the other. In a world where we can have immaterial assets whose prices depend on how many people want them, ...
  • Predictive Analysis applied to talent retention 

    Anaya Ibars, Genís (2019-06)
    In this project we explain the design and implementation of a part of an application called “People Analytics” that consists in the analysis of company employees and has the objective of helping the department of Human ...
  • Design of Automated Trading Systems for Foreign Exchange Markets 

    Sances Medina, Marc (2019-09)
    The purpose of this research is to o er an initial approach to the design of automated trading systems, by analyzing the current state-of-the-art, identifying the available nancial markets and their nature, and implementing ...
  • Implementation and adaptation of automatic trading systems to cryptocurrencies 

    Calavia Oms, David (2019-06)
    Estudi dels sistemes de trading automàtics actuals. Implementació dels sistemes en criptodivises. I adaptació dels mercats de criptodivises a sistemes de trading automàtics.
  • eFat, a prototype of a Cloud decision support system for optimal delivery of fattened pigs to the abattoir 

    Moix Atienza, Mireia (2019-06)
    This project consists in developing a decision support system and its integration in a cloud platform to offer optimization models as a service integrated in a sole application accessible from different devices. It has ...
  • Design and implementation of the application for the Lleida Loyalty Cross Program 

    Lladós Illa, Aleix (2018-06)
    This project is composed of two parts. The first part is focused on the business side and the second part is focused on the engineering side. In the first part, we will see a global and theoretical explanation of what ...
  • Introduction of financial data in the XBRL standard 

    Clos Segura, Aleix (2018-06)
    The main reason of choosing this proposal is the idea of working on something that really synthesizes both degrees. On one side, developing a web framework covers the computer engineering part, and supposes a great ...
  • Internet of Things as a marketing tool 

    Garrós Páez, Alba (2018-07)
    The aim of this project is to go deeper into the Internet of Things, commonly named as IoT, in order to explore the different possibilities it can offer focusing especially in marketing and providing a practical case ...
  • Optimizing a supply chain model of the pig sector and developing a decision support sytem 

    Gil Navarro, Víctor (2018-06)
    This project consists in two parts due to the double degree in Computer Engineering and Administration and Business Management requirements. The first one presents and approaches a stochastic mixed integer linear programming ...