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    • Implementation and adaptation of automatic trading systems to cryptocurrencies 

      Calavia Oms, David (2019-06)
      Estudi dels sistemes de trading automàtics actuals. Implementació dels sistemes en criptodivises. I adaptació dels mercats de criptodivises a sistemes de trading automàtics.
    • Internet of Things as a marketing tool 

      Garrós Páez, Alba (2018-07)
      The aim of this project is to go deeper into the Internet of Things, commonly named as IoT, in order to explore the different possibilities it can offer focusing especially in marketing and providing a practical case ...
    • Introduction of financial data in the XBRL standard 

      Clos Segura, Aleix (2018-06)
      The main reason of choosing this proposal is the idea of working on something that really synthesizes both degrees. On one side, developing a web framework covers the computer engineering part, and supposes a great ...
    • Optimizing a supply chain model of the pig sector and developing a decision support sytem 

      Gil Navarro, Víctor (2018-06)
      This project consists in two parts due to the double degree in Computer Engineering and Administration and Business Management requirements. The first one presents and approaches a stochastic mixed integer linear programming ...
    • Planning an application development and its business research 

      Ariño Cagigós, Raul (2021-07)
      In this project you can find the different steps when launching a new application. The service we want to offer is a website with an algorithm that predicts different football results and how we could get into the market ...
    • Predictive Analysis applied to talent retention 

      Anaya Ibars, Genís (2019-06)
      In this project we explain the design and implementation of a part of an application called “People Analytics” that consists in the analysis of company employees and has the objective of helping the department of Human ...
    • Visualization and Analysis of Household Consumption Data 

      Aguilar Larruy, Oriol (2022-06)
      Nowadays many experts qualify data as the new oil. Extracting real knowledge from huge data sets of raw data is a challenging activity and one of the most demanded jobs currently. When having high loads of numerical data ...