Cephalic conformation in young Pyrenean Catalan horses shows no differences between sexes

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'Sexual dimorphism' defnes differences in dimensions and proportions between males and females and in case it appears, researches must be done to see if they are the result of ontogenetic scaling, heterochronic processes or allometric variations. In order to fll this gap in an Iberian local horse, breed, we studied nineteen fresh heads. They belonged to young purebred (registered) animals (11 males and eight females; average age 457 ± 37 days) of the Pyrenean Catalan Horse breed, nine linear parameters were obtained: (1) cranium width, (2) cephalic width, (3) face width, (4) cranium length, (5) frontal length, (6) head length, (7) ear length, (8) head height and (9) mandible length. Parameters (2) and (9) showed a non-N distribution. A Mann-Whitney test reflected no statistically signifcant sexual dimorphism. Having all studied horses under 36 months of age, it would be interesting to do more research with more and elder animals in order to have a better understanding of the growth dynamics for this breed.
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Journal of Fisheries & Livestock Production, 2018, vol. 6, núm. 2, p. 1-2