Faceted browsing in repositories of learning objects

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Juárez Mecías, Jordi
Flores i Alarcia, ÒscarFlores i Alarcia, Òscar - ORCID ID
Gil Iranzo, Rosa MaríaGil Iranzo, Rosa María - ORCID ID
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This document contains a short summary about a research project done in the Unit of Virtual Teaching of the Educational Science Institute at University of Lleida (UdL). The study is based on using faceted browsers to organize a repository of learning objects. The project, which is in an initial phase, consists of tagging materials that have been developed by the Unit of Virtual Teaching using some teaching material from university professors. We have used Learning Object Metadata (LOM) to describe the learning objects. Moreover, we have applied a soft named Exhibit. It is a tool that allows us to create a faceted browser using elements of LOM data model as facets. Exhibit lets us import data from Google Docs (spreadsheet), so we can easily change data in the spreadsheet and the new data is represented in facets. The aim of this project is to provide a semantic browser to search contents in our repository for the university community, especially teachers, so that they can find resources adapted to their specific needs.
Comunicació presentada a la V Conferencia Internacional sobre Multimedia y Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación en Educación (m-ICTE’2009). Lisboa, 22 – 24 d’abril de 2009
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