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    • Development of a new concrete for high-temperature thermal energy storage 

      Cabeza, Luisa F.; Boquera, Laura; Castro Chicot, José Ramón; Pisello, Anna Laura (2022)
      Vision: Being a reference group of engineering at an international level, always linked to the University of Lleida. Mission: To propose solutions to the industry in the fields of sustainability, energy engineering and ...
    • Optimization of coupled building roof solar reflectance and thermal insulation level for annual energy saving under different climate zones 

      Piselli, Cristina; Pisello, Anna Laura; Gracia Cuesta, Alvaro de; Saffari Tabalvandani, Mohammad; Cotana, Franco; Cabeza, Luisa F. (International Solar Energy Society, 2017)
      The aim of this work is to assess building energy performance optimization potential of cool roof solutions in different climate conditions worldwide through dynamic thermal-energy simulation and optimization analysis. Moreover, ...
    • Steel slag concrete: thermo-mechanical stability under high-temperature cycles 

      Boquera, Laura; Castro Chicot, José Ramón; Fernández, Ángel G.; Navarro Ezquerra, Antonia; Pisello, Anna Laura; Cabeza, Luisa F. (Universitat de Lleida. Grup de Recerca en Energia i Intel·ligència Artificial (GREiA), 2021)
      INTRODUCTION: The improvement of the output efficiency in CSP plants is a challenge of major interest. To achieve this objective, an increase of temperature in the heat transfer and the storage media is required to increase ...